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Celebrate learning . . . Olympics Style

I love the Olympics.  I love watching the athletes’ concentration, performance, and emotions. I’m fascinated at how the human body adapts to different sports. I wonder at that commitment and training it takes to become an Olympic athlete.  As I’ve been watching this year, I’ve also thought about all of the positive learning attributes are associated with the Olympics and considered what we could do in our training centers to build off the energy, excitement and excellence of the games.  To me,  the Olympic spirit symbolizes these winning (and classroom-appropriate) qualities:

  • Hard work
  • Persistence
  • Determination

So the question is, how can we bring the Olympic spirit into the classroom?

Get in the spirit of the Olympics

Go ahead and play the Olympic Fanfare to energize your group.  Using Song F/X, you can play that universally familiar tune and inspire participants to give it everything they’ve got!

Olympics Icebreaker Questions

  • If you could do one Olympic sport, which would it be and why?
  • If you could get tickets for any Olympic event, which would it be?
  • What would be the best thing and worst thing about training for the Olympics?
  • If you could invent an Olympic event (sport) that doesn’t yet exist, what would it be?

Olympics Inspired Activities

  • Go for the Gold – Create a series of questions. Start off with “Olympic Trials” and slowly graduate to the final event. Award your Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists.
  • The Olympics Commentator – Challenge teams to come up with an Olympic-style Commentary on their interaction with your course content. They can discuss how they got started with the material; where they ran into adversity; how they overcame it; what led to their success.
  • Leadership and Coaching – Discuss what makes Olympic coaches effective. How do they respond to their athletes when they succeed? How do they behave when they fail? How do they prepare them for adversity?


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