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No gift of the gab? No Worries!

picking-the-right-questionsSome people have the gift of the gab . . . and some us just don’t.  Sometimes I wish I did. When it comes to conversation, I suppose I’d say that I’m comfortable with silences and that I prefer quality to quantity. But I do relish rich, meaningful, and insightful conversations.  The question is always how to get there.

icebreaker-questionsIn the past several years, I’ve created over a dozen conversation starter Thumballs that truly have great discussion prompts. I really wish that it didn’t take me multiple days and multiple rounds of feedback to come up with great conversation starter questions, and that I could remember all of them off the top of my head–but they do, and I don’t.

common-ground-questionsI suppose this is what inspired me to put together a handy infographic of some of my favorite discussion prompts for a variety of situations. With these discussion questions in hand, we can take a much needed break from politics and get on with some new topics!  Enjoy!

get-to-know-you-questionsChoosing the right questions

Below are a few close-ups of the infographic…

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