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It’s Time to Breathe New Life into the Workplace
This past February, in the wake of Fortune’s list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For,” a slew of articles followed, including this one: “The Proof is in the Profits: America’s Happiest Companies Make More Money.” (by Mark Crowley, Fast Company magazine). And yet, when we examine the Fortune 50 list, only eight are reflected as “Best Companies to Work For.” How much more profitable and productive could our workforce be if people were happy in their jobs?

We’re not talking about a handful of unhappy workers. Mercer, the giant New York City-based human resources consulting firm, for example, surveyed 30,000 employees around the globe between late- 2010 and mid- 2011, and found that 28% and 56% of employees, respectively, expressed a desire to leave their jobs. Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones, authors of “Creating the Best Workplace on Earth” for Harvard Business Review cite the Hay Group’s research, “highly engaged employees are, on average, 50% more likely to exceed expectations than the least-engaged workers. And companies with highly engaged people outperform firms with the most disengaged folks—by
54% in employee retention, by 89% in customer satisfaction, and by fourfold in revenue growth.”

Susan Doctoroff Landay, president of a new company called Office Oxygen, says “Today, employees want their workplace to be healthy and fun, and for their supervisor and co-workers to respect their work. The good news is, research like that of the Hay Group indicates that a positive and enjoyable workplace culture decreases stress, absenteeism and turnover; and it increases loyalty, productivity, energy and profitability.”

To help businesses make work more engaging, Landay and her colleagues at Trainers Warehouse founded Office Oxygen, a resource for innovative products that help companies breathe new life into the workplace — to conduct more effective meetings, work better as teams, maintain healthier work habits, increase overall enjoyment and inspire regular recognition and appreciation of colleagues.

Office Oxygen sells everything from stress toys to stand-up desks, office ping-pong to meeting buzzers, time management tools to “Good job – pass it along” tokens.

Having sold similar products to corporate trainers and education specialists, Landay has a keen appreciation of the positive effects of making learning more fun. “Trainers and teachers are now well-attuned to the positive impact of active, interactive, and stress-free learning on memory and retention.” says Landay. “The same brain research findings apply to the workplace. The more positive and active we can make our offices, the more productive we’ll be.”

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