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Wingclip for Inspirational Movie Clips

I just came across this great resource for movie clips.  It’s a subscription service called WingClips.

WingClips, LLC, has secured the right to offer and provide trailers and/or short segments (“clips”) of certain films to organizations for use during religious services and/or teaching presentations to illustrate sermon messages and/or teachings. The clips are edited to down to somewhere between 30 seconds and five minutes.

You have a choice to set up an account as a monthly subscription, whereby you get a certain number of “credits” for clip downloads each month, or “Pay as you Go,” in which you buy a set number of credits as a one-time purchase.

I recently contacted the folks at WingClips to confirm that trainers can use the clips as well as teachers. And the short answer is YES, “We absolutely encourage all types of corporate users to utilize our services. Just make sure to adhere to the terms and conditions in our Subscriber License Agreement.


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