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Change = DVF > R

Many good communicators shy away from communication when they know it’s going to be a difficult conversation.  Todd Wilmore shared this tip on LinkedIN as a way to help us see when it’s time to bite the bullet and have those tough conversations.

I learned this formula from Dave Gleicher and it was later popularized by Dick Beckhard (Beckhard & Harris, 1987). It may be a way to introduce the need to communicate without forcing the issue.

C = DVF > R

Begin by sharing the formula above on a flip chart or power point. Ask them if they know what it means and if they understand the algebraic term (> means greater than) Explain each part one at a time. If the formula is not balance properly, the initiative will fail or be less effective.

C = Desired Change – In your case, strategic initiative
D = Dissatisfaction – If teams are satisfied with the current situation they will be less likely to change.
V = Vision of the Future -. You have to have a team that is passionate and committed. Help them see the future
F = Needed First Step (and next step and next step …) –

But DVF together still may not be enough to make change happen if the R is too great.

R = Resistance to Change – There are always barriers, excuses, limiters, a natural resistance to learn new ways and change. Identify them by asking and leverage them.

At the end, have them choose one initiative and discuss each part of the formula and how well they have made efforts to balance the formula to succeed.

Posted by Todd Wilmore

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