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Creative Commerical

I’m always on a lookout for activities that are content-related and use the whole brain. This one, posted by a LinkedIN colleague, struck me as a wonderful method to reinforce material that was previously covered in the course and allow learners to “teachback” key learning points.  Mark Dawdy writes:

One of my favorites is to have my group spend 10 minutes preparing a 60 second commercial – typically a TV commercial – where they teach a piece of the concept or principle back to the class.

It allows the learners to engage creatively and capture the main points; and it allows the facilitator to provide feedback to the group, in case something was missed or brushed over.

Even though it pushes some people past their comfort zone, it has also proven to engage even the most reluctant participants. Almost always, this activity brings lots of laughs and accolades.

If you want more details, I got the idea from the Bob Pike group. They have many great ideas for activities that I have tried and that work effectively.

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