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Engage the Prisoner

Just came across this gem, which  helps harness some of the aloof negative energy that often accompanies the start of a session.

We’ve all seen these students:  They come in with arms crossed and furrowed brow,  saying ‘I’m only here because I was told to come.’

In his book, Inspire any Audience, Tony Jeary describes participants as ‘the Vacationer, the Graduate, the Student and the PRISONER…  The Prisoner is the person who does not particularly want to be in training. In fact, he’d rather be anywhere else. Someone else is responsible for him attending the seminar.’

Jeary suggests this method to engage the ‘prisoners’ in your audience.  Tell them, ‘It’s okay if you’re a Prisoner. We welcome all Prisoners because that only means you are not responsible for being here today. However, you are responsible for what you take out of here! May I see a show of hands as to how many Prisoners we have here today?’

This trick works because when you put the participants in charge of themselves they become more responsible and more engaged.”

Posted online by Humberto Souza

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