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"Write out your ‘To Do’ list"

My search for “one-liners that can win over a group,” has yielded some wonderful tips. This one was posted on the Effective and Fun Training Techniques LinkedIN Group by Cindy Goodwin.

We all know that people have so many things on their minds when they enter a workshop. I put up a quote from Jim Rohn (love him!) that says, ‘Wherever you are…be there!’ I then use a bit of humor and say something like, ‘I know many of you are thinking about your to do list: grocery shopping, pick up the dry cleaning, the email you need to write.’ People usually chuckle because they all have those lists in their heads.

I then tell them to take a few minutes and write down all those “to do’s” on a piece of paper so tha they won’t forget them. After a few minutes, they get that they now have clear heads and are capable of absorbing.

Finally, I say, ‘some of you are here by choice, other by force. The point is you are here, so I encourage you to get the most out of today that you can, because you are here.’

The idea reminded me of a slide I recently created for our new Transitions for Training product, which consists of about 50 slides and 3 music videos to introduce and manage training transitions with grace and humor.

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