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Survey says . . . attendees prefer toys!

Garry PlattLearning & Development Specialist at EEF Ltdm posed the question “A or B?” then posted his results on LinkedIN – A or B?. The responses speak for themselves!

A or B?

The question was simple; You’re attending a training event, you enter the room, which table layout would you prefer: A or B? As of 15:00 GMT on the 16th April, 907 people have responded in various groups. 127 (14%) Voted A, the room on the left. No materials just pens, name plates and pads. 680 (75%) Voted B, the room on the right. Materials, pens name plates and pads. 100 (11%) Gave a qualified answer or expressed no definite choice. A major theme emerged, the subject and types of people attending strongly influenced people’s decisions. Thank you for participating in this poll.

A or B?

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