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As facilitators of learning, teachers and trainers are constantly honing their own facilitation skills. They’re known to share their best and favorite learning tips with colleagues. Trainers Warehouse collates best practices from a broad range of resources, focusing on active learning, neuroscience, participation and engagement, gameplay, live and remote learning, and tons more.

Beyond Spinning Prize Wheels

Remember how you used to play games as a kid? You’d spin the dial … maybe spin it again if you didn’t get a good flick, then wait with excitement to see where it lands. If no one was looking, maybe you’d give the spinner another whirl – at least you thought no one was… Read More
Meeting Management: Tips to Regroup during Meetings & Training

Meeting Management: Tips to Regroup during Meetings & Training

Getting groups’ attention after a break has always been a challenge. Whether in school, executive seminars, or training sessions, the meeting management issue is the same. People quickly disperse to check their phones, follow up on emails, squeeze in a quick conversation, or get some fresh air... Read More

De-escalating Difficult Conversations

When you embark on team building, it isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes groups form hard-to-break cliques. In other cases, your best efforts to develop team cohesiveness end up surfacing difficult and hurtful conversations. In a recent Open Office Chat, a group of trainers shared their tips... Read More

Clean Slate Neuroscience for Effective Learning

When we first moved into a small, rustic house in the heart of the Berkshires, our first task was cleaning — cobwebs, dust, grease, old pots and pans, the works. Reflecting on the hard work, I appreciate that the same sort of preparation is required whenever you create something new — a ... Read More

Learning without Lectures–participant contributions & questions

I appreciated everyone’s participation and questions during last week’s HRDQ-U/Trainers Warehouse Learning without Lectures webinar. As you’ll recall, we talked about lots of ways to incorporate 6 brain principles in your training – and to let that guide you in terms of creating learner-focu... Read More
Why Can’t Teachers be Funny in School? Encouraging Funny Classroom Activities

Why Can’t Teachers be Funny in School? Encouraging Funny Classroom Activities

We were on vacation this summer and made plans to meet our friend Mike for a drink. Mike happens to be one of the funniest people I know. He’s also a high school math teacher at my sons’ school. Even though both of my boys have graduated from high school, they were dreading the prospect… <... Read More
Role Play Activities and Tips for Trainers

Role Play Activities and Tips for Trainers

While many trainers love role-play activities because they can be amazing learning opportunities, participants can find them utterly terrifying. We’ve gathered this bunch of tips to make role-play activities more fun and effective for facilitators and players. In addition, find a range of role... Read More
7 Ways Training is like Growing Grass

7 Ways Training is like Growing Grass

Maybe you have a lawn service. Perhaps you live in a place where the lawn is lush. Or maybe you go to a park to find anything green. For me, growing grass is an annual battle that reminds me of a lot of learning and training. And, just to be clear, I should admit that… Read More
Learning from Mistakes – Bloopers, Oops, & Outtakes

Learning from Mistakes – Bloopers, Oops, & Outtakes

I was cruising around some training and coaching websites and noticed Diana Frances’ link to UGLY PHOTOS. I really did “LOL” as I browsed her portraits laden with half-closed eyes and silly expressions—shots that normally get trashed, not posted. While most of us completely avoid showing our... Read More

Creating a Memorable Debrief

Several years ago, I attended a two-day marketing conference. At the end, a colleague asked: “So, what are your top takeaways?” Exhausted from sitting, listening, and learning, my brain was so overloaded, I couldn’t quickly gather my thoughts to provide an answer. Compared to confe... Read More


Browse through tons of tips and tools that cover all aspects for training. Sharpen facilitation skills by understanding, for instance, how to: 

  • Use card decks for metaphorical debriefs
  • Deliver interactive training on a tight budget
  • Integrate games into content delivery
  • Draw on brain science to develop effective training techniques
  • Put Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset approach into action
  • Draw out quiet learners and manage difficult participants


Beyond learning facilitation tips to help teachers and trainers hone their facilitation skills, Trainers Warehouse shares insights and product selection tools drawn from serving the training industry for over 30 years. While Trainers Warehouse sells 100s of training tools and toys on their e-commerce website, they share 1000s of free tips within this blog. Special interest categories include exercises and activities or popular training topics, as well as communication and relationship-building tools to help learners engage in meaningful conversations.


Susan Landay, the President of Trainers Warehouse, graduated from Yale College, Kellogg Business School and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. She’s the perfect resource to help trainers and teachers balance fun and professionalism, education and entertainment. Her insightful thinking and careful research make the WorkSMART blog interesting and informative.