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Our comprehensive collection of articles and training insights lends valuable perspective into the diverse world of corporate training. We’ve built this one-of-kind knowledge hub, to help trainers gain workplace insights from a variety of unlikely sources. For instance, explore how lessons from a professional clown, Olympic gymnast, home gardener, and yogi can enhance your training. Stay up to date on trends affecting the workplace and explore thoughtful training insights on ways to maximize learner performance. Draw on events in popular culture to expand your thinking and develop your professional training skills.

Whether you’re a seasoned HR professional, a training manager, or a business leader, you’ll discover a wealth of information designed to inspire, inform, and elevate your training initiatives.

Speak with Conviction

Speak with Conviction

This humorous and motivational poem by Taylor Mali, makes us think about how we speak. Through the amazing typography and messaging, we’re reminded to speak with conviction and certainty. Let’s stop looking at our phones, texting partial sentences, and limiting our messages to twitter-fr... Read More
E-learning 101

E-learning 101

This 3-part article appeared in eLearn Magazine in June, 2010. It helps make sense of myriad e-learning solutions. If you’re anything like me, you have plenty of experience with face-to-face training, but are drowning in the wake of online (or blended) learning tools. Uncomfortable with this s... Read More


With a finger on the pulse of the corporate training landscape, we aim to ignite creativity and encourage the adoption of forward-thinking methodologies. Gather tips on managing a host of training challenges. Learn to:
  • Maximize the effectiveness of hybrid training
  • Build trust
  • Deal with change
  • Ease transitions
  • Enhance online learning
  • Promote core value
  • Minimize stress
  • Understand the importance of eating chocolate, playing music, and gamifying learning
  • Encourage physical movement in workplace and learning environments


At Trainers Warehouse, we understand that effective corporate training is a cornerstone of success in today's competitive business arena. The WorkSMART blog is a treasure trove of workplace insights for those who recognize the transformative power of investing in their workforce. Browse through brain science data to understand why creative training techniques or so effective. Develop strategies to improve communication and relationships in your workplace and through effective training. Draw on hundreds of training games and exercises ideally suited to your curriculum, so you don’t waste time, with superfluous activities.