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7 Ways to Energize Learning

Last week we did our first ever joint webinar with the folks at The Bob Pike Group.  We had over 1600 pre-registrants and Becky Pluth did a wonderful job presenting and facilitating a huge group discussion over the web.  Throughout the hour long event, participants were encouraged to “chat” — to ask questions, share answers, and offer suggestions to their colleagues.

Throughout the discussion, several participants asked if they could get a copy of the Chat Notes.  After boiling down 300+ pages of raw material, I offer you a more usable 11-page document.

7 Ways to Energize Learning – Webinar-chat facilitated by Becky Pluth

A huge “Thank You!” goes out to Becky Pluth, the folks at The Bob Pike Group, and all who participated!

1 thought on “7 Ways to Energize Learning”

  1. Nice summary of a lot of different ideas and approaches.

    With all that content, I am wondering how the session was actually presented.

    You can now get nice bluetooth speakers that you can position around the room and you can push music through your smartphone to them, which is pretty slick.

    Recognize that you can play the music for YOU, also. I do a lot of interactive stuff (“Take 8 minutes and discuss and brainstorm ideas at your tabletop”) so it is a way for ME to keep my energy level up for a long session.

    And it works cross-culturally, as I am sure Bob discussed. I’ve now presented in 38 countries but Mr. Pike sure expands on that data. While music can soothe the savage beast, it is also nice to set a mood and get people thinking.

    Ryan Farish? Will have to look that guy up.


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