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Employee productivity increases when employees feel valued and engaged in their work. Free of stress, happy, and appreciated, employees will work harder and yield greater output. While benefits, compensation, and job growth may be important long term, day-to-day happiness correlates more strongly to regular employee recognition. Communicate frequently with team members to show your respect and appreciation of their contributions.

Reward Performance

Reward Performance

Words of wisdom… “It’s not what you give them, but what they take away that counts.”   ~ Mel Silberman Don’t wait until the end of the session to congratulate learners. “Feedback has been shown to be one of the most significant activities a teacher can engage in to impr... Read More

Employee Engagement and Motivation

Employee engagement and motivation are crucial aspects of any successful organization. They go hand in hand to foster a productive and positive work environment, leading to increased performance and employee satisfaction. Engaged employees are typically more enthusiastic, dedicated, and aligned with the company's goals. They are more likely to go the extra mile, be proactive, and actively contribute to the organization's growth. Engaged employees also tend to have better relationships with their colleagues and managers, leading to a more cohesive and collaborative workplace. Those receiving ample employee recognition also tend to exhibit higher levels of creativity and innovation, seeking opportunities for self-improvement and career advancement.

Beyond Tokens of Appreciation

In addition to maximizing employee recognition and motivation, successful work environments (a.k.a. WorkSMART organizations) help their teams excel by equipping them with critical tools and resources. These may not be the staples that you'll find in an office supply store, but their equally important, as they:
  • Promote the development of positive, trusting relationships.
  • Occupy fidget fingers and wandering attention.
  • Strengthen team communication and listening skills, time management, leadership, and project oversight.
The WorkSMART blog by Trainers Warehouse curates thousands of tools, tips, research, games, exercises, and activities to maximize organizational effectiveness. All of the ideas in the blog are complimentary.

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