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Create a Fun Office for under $100

Who doesn’t want to work in an office as fun as Google? With their conference bikes, huge slides that carry people from one floor to another, ping pong and pool tables, scooters, and funky décor, we hold Google up as the model of a fun workplace.

Unfortunately, we all don’t have Google-sized budgets and resources to create the perfectly fun office space. But that’s okay. With no more than $100, you can bring some “oxygen” into the office, and create a lively and energizing place to work. All you need is:

Chocolate – A candy jar full of chocolate will bring people into your office; plus, eating chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, which are good for your mood and your brain function. $20.

Toys – Put a Desktop Fiddle Set on your desktop to set people at ease, relieve stress, and give you something to with your hands when you’re on long phone calls. An assortment satisfies a range of tactile needs and preferences. $22.

Ping Pong – Get physical so your blood re-circulates to the brain. Games like ping pong also promote positive relationships among employees. You don’t have to stop work when you play. How about a Ping-Pong meeting to discuss odds and ends that need a decision or resolution? A nice Portable Ping Pong set is only $40.

Cool water bottle – You’ve got to stay hydrated! Drink through a straw and you’ll drink more. $5.

Duck Tape – Just like Duct Tape, it has multiple purposes. First and foremost, use DUCK tape as a reminder to act like a duck and let small problems roll off your back. Also, to measure stuff and make people laugh. Good humor is key to a happy office. $3.


KUDOS– Create positive energy by telling people when they’ve done well, when you appreciate their efforts, or when they’ve make a “good mistake.” $6.5

A smile – Welcoming a colleague or a visitor with a smile creates immediate warmth. FREE or, if you want to keep a smile mirror at your desk as a reminder. $2.

A frog – Mark Twain said, “If the worst thing you have to do all day is eat a frog, then the best thing you can do is eat it first thing in the morning.” A frog reminds us do our toughest tasks first. $1.

TOTAL $99.50

With the last $.50, distribute a handful of pennies along with a message that you welcome their thoughts.

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