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Facilitating Jeopardy-like games

Jeopardy-like games can be an excellent tool to introduce new learning points or reinforce what’s already be covered.  These brief notes will help you easily facilitate and effective learning experience.

Teams select game board questions with varying point values in each category (i.e. Sales for 100 points, or Sports for 200 points).  If a team rings in and answers the question correctly, that team is awarded the points assigned to that question and can choose the next question.  If a team answers incorrectly, that team loses the point valued assigned to the question.  The other teams can then be offered the opportunity to answer the question.

The game is over when all questions are answered, the pre-allotted time has run out, or when the facilitator selects a Final Question.  The team with the most points after all questions are answered is the winner!


  • Prepare your category “answers” on the 5×7 index cards included.
  • Insert answers back-to-back with the colored number points, so that you can reveal them when someone says, “I’ll take Customer Service for 300”.
  • If needed, prepare an answer grid.


  • Randomly select a team to go first.
  • Ask that team to select a category and point value.
  • Read the “answer” revealed on the back of the point value. (e.g.  J.D. Powers)
  • Have players “buzz-in” when they know the correct response.  Option:  use a buzzer system (like Who’s First?) to allow players to indicate when they know the answer.  Alternatively, have them hold up their hands, ring a bell, or blow a whistle to indicate that they want to answer the question.
  • Give the first responder the opportunity to get the “question.” (e.g. What is the preeminent Quality Award?)
  • Add or deduct points to the player’s point tally according to whether the response is correct or incorrect.
  • If the answer was incorrect, give the second responder an opportunity to play.
  • Reward points accordingly.
  • The player who answers correctly can choose the category and point value for the next round of play.

Getting Fancy

  • Insert Hidden Bonus Question into the back of a random category/point value.  When players select these questions, invite all teams to wager and win extra points.
  • Include a Final Question at the end of your game, to allow teams to wager points.
  • Use a buzzer system so that you don’t have to wonder whose hand went up first.
  • Use a stopwatch or timer to limit the amount of time a player/team has to respond.

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