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Five Factors for Fabulous Fidget Toys

The Fidget Spinner was certainly a fidget toy phenomenon of 2017, but Trainers Warehouse has been focusing on finger fiddles and fidgets for over 20 years. Unfortunately, the Fidget Spinner is too distracting to be an ideal tool for true fidgeters and classroom or meeting use. However, the good news is that several fidget toys do meet all five criteria for a Fantastic Finger Fidget. Here’s what it takes to get on our Fantastic Fidget list:

1) Fidgets and Fiddle Toys Should NOT DISTRACT

If a fidget toy is too engrossing, you miss the benefit of occupying only “floating attention.” Items that feel like a puzzle, move super fast, or are particularly eye-grabbing, may capture your attention, but these are not ideal Fidget Toys.

2) Choose QUIET Fidget Toys

Fidget Toys should not draw the attention of others in the room. While repetitive clicking noises may not bother fidgeters, they can be extremely distracting to others in the room. Seek out Fidget Toys that are silent or relatively quite.

3) Seek DURABLE Finger Fidgets

Repetitive motion is the whole reason to use a Fidget Toy. Stay away from fidget toys that are likely to break, pop, fall apart, or get really dirty.


Fidgeters may like to twist, twirl, squeeze, rub, press, rotate, swivel, click. Even a worry stone, which may be nothing more than a rock, can invite interesting movements of the fingers or hand. If you need a free hand, one-handed fidget toys may be best. For others, a two-handed toy could stimulate both the right and left sides of the brain.

5) Find fidgets that are PLEASING TO TOUCH

Most are drawn to smooth or even rubbery surfaces. Fidgets that are sticky, gooey, or smelly (yes, they do exist), are less appealing to all but a few.

Fidget Toy Favorites

To meet these Five Fantastic Fidget Criteria, we’ve developed a handful of new fidget toys:

  • Loopeez & Loopeez Jr. – success is in its simplicity. The two sparkly beads, linked together by two rings keep turning. If you’re truly looking for a fidget tool, not a toy, Loopeez has proven to be a favorite among sensory disorder specialists. And, it’s available in two sizes!
  • Gyrobi – simply spin the geometric concentric rings. Available as a circle or square.
  • SwingOs – these chunky “O” shapes, swivel (frictionlessly) around and around each other. They look and feel great!
  • Helix – The nine smooth beads circle the central axis with ease!

Other favorites include: Koosh Ball, Tangle Toy, and the Infinity Cube.


Koosh BallInfinity CubeTangle Toy

In the photograph, Amelia Jantz, Raheem Ahmed, Yousuf Mohiuddin and Giavanna May from The Wheatlands Elementary School share their favorite fidget toys.

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