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Halloween Candy as a training "treat"

Make the most of Halloween in your training sessions this week.

Break the ice: ask your group what their favorite Halloween candy is.  Let them know that even though yours is “Candy Corn” you’ll try hard not to make any more “corny” jokes.

Enhance participation: toss a mini candy bar to the first participants to answer a question or share an idea. You’ll be sure to get lots of people raising their hands to contribute when they see the enticement!

Develop a metaphor for learning points.  Okay, I realize some of these are a push, but maybe it will push all of us to think creatively!

Now & Laters: For project and time management. And for encouraging people to get things done right away, rather than procrastinating.

Good & Plenty: For strategic planning as well as hopeful thinking for the months and years to come.

Smarties: For superlative learning and drawing the smarts out of every good brain in the room.

Butterfingers: For excellent handiwork, fast fingers, and gracefully dealing with problems that arise.

Charms: Charms lollipops, for mind-blowing customer service.

$100,000 Bar: Identify winning actions and behaviors that yield results.

M&Ms: What it takes to succeed is Methodology and Mastery.

Snickers:  The ability to laugh at oneself (and not laugh at others is key).

Share your wisdom: Let your group know what the favorite Halloween Candies were in 2010 (according to a report in the New York Post).  Topping the list is “M&Ms
Invented in 1941, the famous slogan — ‘Melts in your mouth, not in your hand’ — premiered on black-and-white television sets in 1954. The most popular Halloween candy melted in many mouths in 2009, when sweet tooths spent $673.2 million on them.”




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