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Memory Games

Memory is an important part of learning.  If they can’t remember what you’ve taught, what good will it do? Here are a few memory games and other tricks:


If you have a list of things you want your group to remember, play the memory game. Whoever receives the tossed ball must name an item on the list. Then, ask that person to toss the ball to someone else. This game offers a wonderful opportunity for kinesthetic learning.”  ~ Carolyn Thompson, Training Systems


Imagery can also help learners make lasting memories.  It can take a number of forms.

  • Graphics (pictures, symbols, icons)
  • Metaphors & analogies
  • Physical objects
  • Mnemonic (memory) devices
  • Stories
  • Body language


The experts tell us, practice does not make perfect, it “makes permanent.” If practice is stopped altogether, the neurons that are no longer being used are eventually assigned to other tasks and skill mastery will decline. In other words, use it or lose it! (Amunts et al., 1997).


When we’re stressed out, our brains can’t remember much.  Cortisol is the culprit. It’s released by the adrenal glands when we feel threatened and interferes with our brain cells’ ability to transmit information.

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