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Online Training – LEARNING APPS

Even for those of us who love face-to-face training, online learning is here to stay. If you embrace the latest and great learning apps, and make use of the plethora of playful online games and activities, you may find a new appreciation for online training.

When the pandemic first hit, I asked our LinkedIn group for their best suggestions to keep virtual meetings or learning event fun. I synthesized the suggestions and broke them into several categories: Ways to ConnectPrepping Attendees; and Learning Apps. This post focuses on using an array of learning apps to promote participation and engage learners in any virtual meeting or online training event. I continue to update this post as new tools emerge. Here you’ll find the most complete and useful listing of all our favorite learning apps for online training. Whether you’re working from home, conducting online meetings, webinars, or facilitating remote learning, these tips will serve you well.


Most online training and meeting platforms now have whiteboard functionalities. Use them! You’ll find that each has basic functions that let users add lines, boxes, text, sticky notes, and more.

  • Miro – a stand-alone system that has tons of templates, which you can use during a virtual meeting hosted on any platform. Miro‘s hundreds of templates are tailored for icebreakers, emotional check-ins, retrospectives and debriefs, brainstorming and ideation, team alignment, voting, and lots more. Free and paid subscriptions are available.
  • Mural – a stand-alone system that has 100+ ready-to-use templates that you can use during a virtual meeting on any platform, like Miro. Mural also includes features like a time, voting, private mode, celebration confetti, and more. And, it’s free.
  • Zoom – the whiteboard function within Zoom‘s meeting tool is easy to use and has a bunch of free templates. Not nearly as many as Miro and Mural, but they do include a range of icebreakers and team consensus tools. Zoom does have a free subscription, however, it limits meeting times to a maximum of 45 minutes. For longer meetings, go for a paid subscription.
  • Microsoft Teams –  a whiteboard function is available for free on this platform too. I haven’t used it, but others find it useful
  • Google – Google’s whiteboard tool is called Jamboard. The simple interface includes the usuals: pen, eraser, selection tool, sticky notes, image upload, circle, text box, and laser.
  • Padlet – this visual board lets you organize and share content. Padlets start out blank like a whiteboard and let you add text, images, videos and more. Share the padlet so others can chat and collaborate.

Course Creation and Content Development

  • iSpring – create courses and launch training in a few clicks using iSpring.
  • Slido – with Slido you can create polls, Q&As, WordClouds, Quizzes, and Surveys. Pricing ranges from $0 to $200 per month depending on your intended number of users.
  • Pixabay – find tons of free images using Pixabay
  • SimpleShowSimpleShow is a super easy and affordable way to make animated videos
  • Bensound – pick up royalty-free music and sound files on Bensound. Download fees apply, but you don’t have to sort out and pay royalty fees, which can be hefty.
  • CanvaCanva is a free design tool that can be used for creating presentations, videos, and social media. It also allows for online team collaboration and LMS integration.

AI-Powered Training Tools – artificial intelligence for trainers

  • Gamma – Create a presentation, document, or webpage using Gamma‘s powerful AI generator
  • UMUUmu provides AI-powered tools to create training exercises, videos, articles, infographics, audio narrations, word clouds, and shows.
  • SoapboxifySoapboxify is an online tool that allows you to create virtual training sessions and face-to-face training presentations with accompanying materials (facilitator guide, PowerPoint slides, exercises, handout templates) in as little as 10 minutes. Soapbox’s AI-generated training content may not be perfect at the outset, users report that it has gotten them 50%-80% of the way to their final training presentation, saving hours’ or even days’ worth of development time.
  • Vyond Video Animation Software – Use Vyond to create professional-grade animations and videos to engage and educate your employees and customers.
  • And tons more…There’s an AI for That has oodles more AI Apps.

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