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Present like Wonder Woman

Amy Cuddy gave an amazing TED Talk about how to change our posture for 2 minutes to achieve greater self-assurance and success. She explains, it’s not just about how you project yourself outwardly, but how it affects your own self-image.

If you’re about to walk into a stressful situation, such as a a training session (whether you’re the facilitator or participant), high-stakes meeting, or interview, take a moment to strike a power-pose. Cuddy and her colleague’s research have  measured significant increases in testosterone (a hormone associated with high efficacy) and decreases in cortisol (a stress hormone) after only a short amount of time standing up straight, shoulders back, head up, arms on hips, legs in a wide stance.

This is a wildly popular TED Talk that is worth every one of its 21 minutes!


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