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Best Teacher Supply Guide for Back-to-School

Most teachers are familiar with Back-to-School Classroom Supply Lists. Typically, they included pens, colored pencils, dry-erase markers, notebooks, and the other usual staples that are readily available at office supply stores. These may be perfect for your learners, but unfortunately, they leave teachers woefully ill-equipped. Where can you find the cool stuff that makes your classroom fun and effective? Use Trainers Warehouse to help you create your best teacher supply list ever!

 Dry-Erase Prize Wheel

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Trainers Warehouse makes it easy to find a huge variety of innovative teaching aids, that inspire student engagement, fun and participation. To energize learners and start your school year on the right foot, explore these top five best teacher supply categories:

1. Games Glorious Games

Treat your students to a break from lectures, books, and quizzes with some exciting, interactive game show games. Games are tremendously effective when you want to introduce new material, test for existing knowledge, or reinforce lessons. Try a Whaddaya Know? board to create your own Jeopardy-style game. You can even engage student teams in writing each category of questions. You’ll see your students’ eyes light up when you pull out buzzers and game wheels. They’ll be so captivated by the games that they might forget this is school.

2. Playful Participation Prizes

Good Job Token sets

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Be sure to add prizes like Kudos, trophies, and tokens to your best teacher supply list. Rather than awarding prizes only to game winners and top performers, consider prizes for “strivers,” “growth mindset learners,” and others who make an effort to participate even when they’re unsure of themselves or their knowledge. You might also entice your shyer students to share in a small group, rather than putting them on the spot, in front of an entire classroom. In addition to giving students tangible goals to work towards, the positive experience associated with recognition and prizes may help them retain what they’ve learned. Going forward, each time they look at their award, they’ll remember the lesson, and the pride they felt when being acknowledged for their effort.

3. Durable DocU-Sleeve Sheet Protectors good for, well, everything!

Some of the best teacher supply items are purely practical but may be less familiar than your time-consuming and costly lamination efforts. DocU-Sleeves are thin-yet-firm plastic sheet protectors and are incredibly versatile and handy. Use DocU-Sleeves for wall signage, student work, notices, supply lists, and other classroom postings. Best of all, and unlike lamination, you can easily swap information in and out. After you try one, you won’t be able to stop yourself and will wonder how you ever got by without them. You can even slide in a white piece of paper or worksheet and write on the outside with wet- or dry-erase marker.

4. Focus-Friendly Fidgets

A box of fidget toys

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When we first introduced fidget toys over 20 years ago, one teacher told us she couldn’t use fidgets in her class because they’d be too distracting. Ironically, she was fidgeting during our whole conversation and didn’t miss a beat. In fact, fidgets can be powerful tools to improve focus by utilizing the floating attention that is innate to humans. What once kept us safe from predators in the wild, now makes us easily distracted in classrooms and meetings.

As you shop for fidget toys, be aware that not all are appropriate for classroom settings. Spinners, for instance, are too distracting and noisy to be effective learning tools. However, other fidgets, like Flexygon, Loopeez, and other Trainers Warehouse Exclusive Fidgets have just the right mix of interest and mindlessness to make them perfect additions to your back-to-school best teacher supply list.  Balls and squeezies, too, can give students a healthy outlet for relieving stress, while enhancing concentration and attention.

5. Chatterball Thumballs

Thumballs are an excellent way to build relationships and foster communication. While they should top your list of back-to-school purchases because they’ll help you get to know your students, don’t stow them away after your first weeks of school. When your group needs a brain break or you hope to develop deeper relationships, pull out a Thumball and start conversations flowing. The Energy Break Thumball is also an excellent tool to break the monotony of the day. Use it to get your group out of their seats, so blood can flow back to their brains.

Order the Best Teacher Supply Resources in Bulk

These five tools are just the start! As you create your classroom supply list, explore a full range of tools to build participation, reduce stress, and reinforce learning. Make your lessons memorable and help material be better received with high-quality teaching aids and supplies! Trainers Warehouse makes it easy for you to purchase the items you need in bulk and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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