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Time Management Tips Infographic

I’m laughing at myself as I think about how long I’ve taken to post this wonderful Time Management Infographic, courtesy of the folks at MyTasker. The truth is, time-management was an issue on my end! Perhaps, if I’d embraced their 17 tips sooner, I’d have shared this wonderful resource sooner, as well.

In my self-assessment of how I applied their 17 Time Management Tips, here’s how I measured up on a handful of key techniques:

Time Management Infographic Tips…

  • Time Management InfographicSchedule everything – gosh, I’m organized, but scheduling EVERYTHING is tough. When you’re running a business (or a department or even a family), stuff comes up.
  • Prioritize your tasks – despite having to deal with unexpected issues and opportunities, understanding priorities is key! Certainly, staffing trumps blogging, but blogging surely ranks higher than data entry (which can be, and was, Delegated to experts!). But, what of that presentation that I need to deliver in September? When I’m really on top of my game (or spinning out of control), I write everything down on one To Do list, look it over, and decide in what order I’m going to attack each task. That seems to help!
  • Reduce Distractions – another difficult one for me.  My inbox is always so swarmed that I need to force myself to turn off new-email notifications and focus on the task at hand.
  • Take time to pause and think – With a lot of transition happening in my world, plus my need to focus on the development of new products and a presentation on Building Communication and Relationships at Work, I have to admit I’ve been disciplined at taking time to think.

Take a gander at the MyTask 17 Tips and see how you’re doing with Time Management. For More Time Management tips, games, and exercises, click here.

P.S. Don’t you hate it when you’re just about ready to check another task off your list and then the computer freezes and loses your work? Luckily I had most of it backed up!

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