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Draw on the best-of-the-best work team activities and exercises to make learning more innovative, effective, and fun. Experiential training events are one of the best ways to create long-term, memorable learning. Moreover, workplace team-building activities draw participants out of their everyday tasks. Separating workers from their daily duties can reflect non-judgmentally on their inherent tendencies, roles, communication styles, leadership techniques, and more.

Facilitating Jeopardy-like games

Facilitating Jeopardy-like games

Jeopardy-like games can be an excellent tool to introduce new learning points or reinforce what’s already been covered.  These brief notes will help you easily facilitate an effective learning experience. Teams select game board questions with varying point values in each category (i.e. Sales... Read More


Subsequent to any training or learning game, groups should take time to reflect. A thorough debrief should cover a range of topics, including how: the game dynamics made participants feel, strategies created unanticipated roadblocks, and communication styles led to success. At the end of the debrief, the group should reflect on how their game experience mirrors the "real world.”


Beyond work team activities, Trainers Warehouse WorkSMART blog curates best-in-class games for a myriad of workplace learning goals. Whether trainers are looking for communication and listening games, active listening games, time management activities, stress management exercises, assertiveness, or negotiations games, Trainers Warehouse has you covered. You’ll find tons of games -- for purchase and free -- along with excellent facilitation notes and training tips. Understand how to conduct and debrief the workplace team building activities and other soft-skills exercises to maximize organizational growth and learning.


Trainers Warehouse has been committed to curating and developing tools to improve corporate training for over 30 years. No matter what topic you teach, Trainers Warehouse work team activities, fidget toys, game buzzers, and dry-erase resources allow trainers to make their delivery more impactful, memorable, and fun. Their innovative, creative resources promise to make trainers look and perform at their best. While they offer tons of favorite training tools for sale at, the WorkSMART blog is free and chock full of amazing tips and techniques.