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De-escalating Difficult Conversations

When you embark on team building, it isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes groups form hard-to-break cliques. In other cases, your best efforts to develop team cohesiveness end up surfacing difficult and hurtful conversations. In a recent Open Office Chat, a group of trainers shared their tips... Read More

Clean Slate Neuroscience for Effective Learning

When we first moved into a small, rustic house in the heart of the Berkshires, our first task was cleaning — cobwebs, dust, grease, old pots and pans, the works. Reflecting on the hard work, I appreciate that the same sort of preparation is required whenever you create something new — a ... Read More

The AI Training We Really Need

We ALL need AI training. Not the training that tells you how to program or use AI. No, we need the training that helps us distinguish AI-created content from human-created content. No matter what it is — news, images, music, art, articles, etc. — wouldn’t you like to know who is se... Read More

Learning without Lectures * participant contributions & questions

I appreciated everyone’s participation and questions during last week’s HRDQ-U/Trainers Warehouse Learning without Lectures webinar. As you’ll recall, we talked about lots of ways to incorporate 6 brain principles in your training – and to let that guide you in terms of creating learner-focu... Read More

Working with Remote Employees – How to Tackle the Challenges

I gathered with a bunch of business execs from small, medium, and large companies, in a range of industries from the service sector to retail. We began discussing our true feelings about our increasingly remote-friendly workplaces. I’m not about to share any huge reveals that you haven’t... Read More

I wish… Take time for Wishes and Reflections

When we launched our first “Show & Share,” our work version of show-and-tell, I was the first to admit that it covered the bases but wasn’t the home run I’d planned. We met our goal of creating a meaningful demo of our new Who’s First Buzzer. but came away with a lo... Read More

Brain Science in Training

We’re often asked if these creative, brain-based learning techniques work. We think using brain science in training works, but try it yourself. Complete this brain science worksheet, then see how many of the 6 brain-science principles you remember. Brain research focusing on learning and memory co... Read More
Training Closers to end a Learning Day

Training Closers to end a Learning Day

Training closers can be make-it or break-it experiences. I asked my LinkedIN crew for their suggestions on the best ways to close a learning event for maximum impact and retention. As always, the group came through, sharing their favorite training closers for getting closure at the end of a training... Read More