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Author: Susan Landay

Diversity Games and Activities * Community Share

Our informal discussion about diversity training shed light on the resistance trainers face when conducting DEI training. We also pooled ideas for diversity training tips and activities that help lessen resistance, build understanding about the topic, and strengthen individual’s sensitivity to bot... Read More

Conversation Starters to Help Groups Open Up

A handful of online learning sessions with expert facilitators Amy Climer and Chad Littlefield added a few more tricks to my repertoire. The two modeled a handful of get ‘em talking techniques and conversation starters that I’ll be happy to replicate at my next session, live or online! Hopefully... Read More
Halloween Tricks ‘n Treats for Training

Halloween Tricks ‘n Treats for Training

Use your Halloween candy for training adults or teaching kids. Try these Halloween-inspired facilitation tricks and treats and make the most of the Halloween season in your training sessions: Icebreakers Favorites? Ask your group what their favorite Halloween candy is.  Let them know that even thou... Read More

Trust-Building Games and Activities

Here’s the problem with trust-building games, you don’t build trust by playing a game. You can play any number of blindfold games, trust falls, or team-building games, and you’ll likely end up just where you started. Why? That’s just not how people build trusting relationship... Read More

Beyond Spinning Prize Wheels

Remember how you used to play games as a kid? You’d spin the dial … maybe spin it again if you didn’t get a good flick, then wait with excitement to see where it lands. If no one was looking, maybe you’d give the spinner another whirl – at least you thought no one was… Read More

Activities for Onboarding & Orientation

September seems to be “the” season for onboarding and orientation. Grade schools, universities, and corporations welcome new students and new employees. Those of us who celebrate Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, in the early Fall are also accustomed to celebrating the harvest and time ... Read More
Meeting Management: Tips to Regroup during Meetings & Training

Meeting Management: Tips to Regroup during Meetings & Training

Getting groups’ attention after a break has always been a challenge. Whether in school, executive seminars, or training sessions, the meeting management issue is the same. People quickly disperse to check their phones, follow up on emails, squeeze in a quick conversation, or get some fresh air... Read More
The Brain Science of Procrastination and 12 Procrastination Tips

The Brain Science of Procrastination and 12 Procrastination Tips

Thanks to the Hidden Brain podcast, I learned about the Character Lab’s studies on procrastination. I’d already been sensitized to the topic by loved ones with ADHD who find it insanely difficult to jump right into a task. And, although I’ve sold thousands of “round TUITS,” I realize that ... Read More

De-escalating Difficult Conversations

When you embark on team building, it isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes groups form hard-to-break cliques. In other cases, your best efforts to develop team cohesiveness end up surfacing difficult and hurtful conversations. In a recent Open Office Chat, a group of trainers shared their tips... Read More

Clean Slate Neuroscience for Effective Learning

When we first moved into a small, rustic house in the heart of the Berkshires, our first task was cleaning — cobwebs, dust, grease, old pots and pans, the works. Reflecting on the hard work, I appreciate that the same sort of preparation is required whenever you create something new — a ... Read More